Sometimes, the Social Security Administration will deny an application for SSDI benefits. This usually happens when the SSA decides that an applicant’s disability is not severe enough.

If your application is denied, don’t worry! All you have to do is request an appeal. To help your chances of a successful appeal, consider working with an experienced disability lawyer.


Denied SSDI? Learn How a Disability Attorney May Be Able to Help You

About 90 percent of applicants work with a disability law attorney when appealing an SSDI denial.

The best Social Security disability lawyers will screen your appeal for free to make sure you can win your case before they even get started.

So don’t wait! Apply for SSDI through the SSA online today.

Because disability attorneys get paid only if you win, they are motivated to win and will go beyond to make sure that your claim has a really good chance in winning.

For example, they will track down vital medical records and test results, getting statements from physicians or getting really familiar with other cases to increase their chances to win.