Debt consolidation is the process of combining all your debts into one. The main benefits you receive when you consolidate your credit card debt with other debts you owe include being able to send all your payments to one place and getting a low interest rate.

This means that you can pay back what you owe easier than ever before and without any of the stress of dealing with a bunch of different companies.


Learn How to Consolidate Your Debts With a Low-Interest Credit Card

Follow these steps to simplify the debt consolidation process:

1. Compare the best debt consolidation companies. Companies like Discover and SoFi have excellent ratings from customers and provide some of the best debt consolidation programs.

2. Pick one of two options. You can either take out a debt consolidation loan that will combine all your debts, or you can open a balance transfer credit card that will do the same. It’s easy to find each of these options online with low interest rates and $0 in extra fees.

3. Apply to lenders online. You can pre-qualify for loans online through different lenders to jumpstart your application process.

Looking for debt consolidation loans with bad credit? You could still qualify for some debt consolidation loans even with a lower credit score.

Debt consolidation can be done through the use of a credit card or personal loan, which provides you with additional options. 

It is important to remember, debt consolidation is not for everyone.

If you have excessive spending habits or are overwhelmed by debt, debt consolidation may not be the right option for you. Fortunately, there are other debt relief options that may be better suited for your circumstances.

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