Learn Tips to Make Sure You Get Stimulus Money

Afraid you might not get money from the stimulus package? Don’t worry. We have some tips you can follow which might increase your chances of getting free government assistance.

1. File your 2019 taxes NOW. The U.S. government is going to base your stimulus check amount on how much money you made on your 2018 tax return. If you earned more money in 2018 than the income limit but earned less than the limit in 2019, you can file your taxes now to have the government look at those earnings instead. There might be a cutoff date soon, so file your taxes online fast if you need to.

2. Keep deductions in mind. Whether or not you get a grant from the government is based on how much you earned minus deductions. This means the U.S. government is not just basing the amount on how much you made. They’re giving you the chance to decrease your gross income with the IRS deductions you qualify for. This information will be on your tax return already.

3. Look for mail from the IRS. The IRS will be sending out mail to the addresses they have on file for U.S. taxpayers letting them know about where the check will be going. If you moved recently and you don’t get mail from the IRS, you might need to fill out a change of address form as soon as possible to make sure your check goes to the right place.

Right now, the CARES Act is a one-time payment program. But government officials have already said more stimulus money could be coming. Make sure to follow these tips and stay informed about new assistance as it becomes available.

By Admin