Want to find out how you can make as much as $45/hour by trying out new products at home? Work from home product tester jobs are hiring TODAY! And these are high-paying jobs with a lot of flexibility. Product reviewers get to test out all sorts of products from different companies.

Usually, these are new products that have not hit the market yet. That’s because before putting money toward mass manufacturing and shipping, companies want to make sure that their products are actually, well, good. That’s where product testers come in.

Get Paid to Test Products From Home

Big companies send their newest products to trusted testers that can give them a taste of what a real consumer might think. This gives you the chance to use a new product and answer a few questions about what you thought of it. Sometimes you may even be able to offer suggestions for improvement.

Plus, you typically get to keep the products after you’re done.

One of the best parts about product testing from home is that there are few if any requirements. If you have a working computer and a smartphone that takes pictures, you can usually land a job pretty quickly.

Ready to get hired? Follow these steps:

  1. Put your high school diploma or GED on your resume.
  2. Check out job boards or special product testing sites.
  3. Fill out an application online for every job you like.

When applying for jobs, keep in mind that the big companies and marketing firms that hire remote product testers often look for people who represent the people they want to buy their products. This helps to give them a better sense of what their buyers might think about the product.

For example, if you own a cat or two, you may be much more likely to get chosen to test a new litter box than someone who doesn’t. A few products that commonly need testers are:

  • Health and beauty products like makeup.
  • Shoes, shirts and other apparel.
  • New foods for supermarkets.
  • Cleaning products for the home.
  • Toys and other items for children.

Average salaries for remote product testers are around $55k/year. But it gets even better. You can make over $90k/year for the same job over time! Like trying out new things and telling other people what you think about them? In-home product tester could be the perfect career.

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