Want to find out how you can earn over $2,000 monthly just for having conversations with customers from your couch? The only things you’ll need are a quiet spot to work and a computer. Companies are always looking for new people to fill customer service jobs from home. And there are next to NO requirements.

That goes for career growth too. You can get experience under your belt and land a Customer Service Manager job, where you can earn up to $42 per hour (over $87k per year). Ready to get started? Check out these tips.

Make Money Remotely Just by Talking With Customers

  1. Put in for jobs at your favorite companies. You might want to apply for Amazon virtual customer service jobs first, for example.
  2. Take advantage of all the customer service job postings on job boards like Indeed and LinkedIn.
  3. Scope out your home for a good workspace location. As long as it’s comfy and quiet, it’ll do!

You can apply for a customer service job as an online chat agent or a customer service representative who takes calls. Want to increase your chances of getting hired ASAP? Apply for both!

One of the biggest perks that often come with remote customer service jobs is that there is a big range when it comes to the types of available jobs. Since almost every large company needs customer service agents, you may be able to find work as a remote agent in a field that you’re interested in or have some knowledge on.

Going into a job with a good understanding of the product or service your company sells makes it easier for you to help retain existing customers (a big priority for companies) and even upsell products. This can help you take advantage of any growth opportunities that come your way.

Many companies, for example, have incentive programs for their customer service representatives. These may include:

  • Giving end-of-year bonuses to agents that get great reviews.
  • Rewarding great agents with extra paid time off.
  • Offering non-monetary rewards like gift cards.
  • Extending commissions to agents who retain customers or upsell a product.

In addition to these kinds of perks, some companies may offer higher starting rates to customer service reps depending on their additional skills. For example, if you are able to speak English and Spanish, you may be able to make more than someone who only speaks one language.

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