Short-term health insurance is a good idea if you’re in between health plans. You never want to be in a position where you don’t have coverage, because medical expenses can add up fast if the unthinkable occurs.

If your current plan is about to expire, the best way to spend as little money as possible each month is to apply for temporary health insurance. Coverage for short-term medical insurance varies by provider, but you can expect very low premiums compared to other types of plans and higher deductibles.


Learn About Short-Term & Emergency Plans That Work When You Need Them

On the other hand, maybe you feel like you’re paying for coverage you don’t need.

If so, emergency health plans like a catastrophic insurance plan may be a perfect option for you. These plans have similarly low premiums and higher deductibles, and they give you only the coverage you need for a lower price.

Ready to get the coverage you need and start saving? Act quickly to compare the best emergency and short-term insurance plans through different providers online.

The length of short term health insurance varies by state. Some states allow you to apply for up to 12 months of coverage. A benefit to having short term health insurance is that it offers lower premiums, a wide range of deductibles and offers immediate enrollment.

The downside to short term health insurance is that it does not cover pre-existing conditions and it isn’t comprehensive.

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