You can get health insurance in minutes by going through the Health Insurance Marketplace online. The whole setup is designed for your easy access:

Step 1. Fill out a simple online form with your information to get started.

Step 2. Discover all the tax credits and benefits you’re eligible for, like Medicaid.

Step 3. Compare all the best health insurance plans and prices from top health insurance companies.

Learn how much you can start saving today and get the coverage you need by going online today.

Learn How to Get Health Insurance Online in 3 Steps

By familiarizing yourself with common health insurance terms, you will be better prepared for the cost of your plan,  and gain a better understanding of what your health insurance will and will not cover. 

Covered Costs – medical services, treatment, supplies and prescription drugs that your health insurance plan will provide payment for.

Premiums –  the amount that you pay to your health insurance company each month (or on a quarterly basis, depending on the insurer) to maintain your health insurance coverage.

Deductible – a flat dollar amount of money that you must pay for your covered medical services before your health insurance begins to pay for your healthcare. 

Copayment – a flat dollar amount that you will be expected to pay to your healthcare provider for a service that is covered by your health insurance. 

Co-Insurance – refers to an amount that you must pay your health insurance company after your deductible has been met, up to your maximum out-of-pocket costs. Maximum out-of-pocket costs – the maximum amount of money that you must pay for covered medical services during a single benefit period (typically one year). This amount does not include your premium or any medical services that you paid that your insurance did not cover.

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