Have a Health Care-Related Injury? Consider a Medical Malpractice Lawyer

A bodily injury lawyer who specializes in health care law is known as a medical malpractice lawyer. If your injury was caused by the negligence or wrong action of a health care professional, you should look for a lawyer or law firm specializing in health care malpractice.

Here are some examples of medical errors that can become medical malpractice cases if they result in serious injury:

  • A doctor misdiagnoses or fails to diagnose an illness.
  • A care provider gives you the wrong medication or an improper dosage of medication.
  • A medical professional does not properly consider your medical history before a procedure.

A malpractice negligence lawyer will file a claim against a doctor’s or hospital’s insurance provider. The insurance company may agree to pay you and settle your case before it goes to trial. If they do not settle, the claim may become a formal lawsuit.

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