Can unlimited phone plans save you money?

If you use a lot of data each month, then finding the best cell phone deals for you may mean focusing on value rather than just on price. If you buy a cheap plan and go over your data limit, you may end up paying more than if you just signed up for the best unlimited data plan for your needs.

Let’s look at an example. In the past, if you signed up for an AT&T Mobile Share Value plan rather than an AT&T unlimited data plan, then you would pay $15 per 1GB of extra data you used. This could make it very expensive to go over your data limit. 

Today, however, if you do not have one of the AT&T unlimited plans, instead of charging you extra for going over your limit, AT&T will throttle your data to an almost unusable speed (128 Kbps) until the next month. This is not ideal for many people, which is why consumers often prefer to go with unlimited plans.

If searching for unlimited data, look into Sprint unlimited (Kickstart or Basic) and Boost Mobile unlimited, since these are highly rated plans. 

Note: If you are not looking for unlimited data, be extra careful when looking at Verizon’s plans. Currently, Verizon is one of the only cell phone providers that still charge overage fees for anyone not on the Verizon unlimited plans.

By Admin