The Health Benefits of Being Creative

The Health Benefits of Being Creative

Pursuing creative endeavors can have a positive effect on your overall health due to a variety of contributing factors.

Regardless of the creative outlet you choose to pursue, devoting time to being creative can help you improve your mental health and may lead to brain efficiency development. When you are writing or pursuing creative outlets, you are simultaneously working on your memorization skills. The more you learn and create, the stronger your brain becomes over time.

You do not need to be a professional artist to incorporate creative work into your existing lifestyle. Simply adopting a creative hobby can lead to improvements in your physical and mental health and can help you manage the stress of everyday life. Whether you take dance lessons or buy an adult coloring book, devoting time to being creative has immediately effective health benefits. You can opt for family creativity time or you can branch out to take art lessons on your own.

Mental Health Benefits of Being Creative

One of the primary health benefits of being creative is the positive effect it has on your mental health. Studies have shown creative hobbies can help people deal with traumatic life events, such as a severe injury or serious illness diagnosis. Artistic endeavors can help you express thoughts and emotions you do not want to express with words. Even if you do not share your artwork or creative designs with others, the process of creating art can help you manage your mental health symptoms. Those who suffer from stress and anxiety may find taking up a creative hobby can help them better manage these deterrents. When you spend time focusing on creating art, learning a new dance or writing a short story, you are occupying your mind with something productive instead of becoming lost in your mental health ailments.

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Creative outlets such as writing, drawing and painting have both a short-term and a long-term effect on the people who are devoting time to these hobbies. When you are being creative you feel an immediate release from your problems. This can help you deal with difficult emotions you are experiencing in the present. The longer you work toward creative goals, the better you feel in the long-term because you are consistently devoting time to doing something productive for yourself and your well-being. If you are having a difficult week at work or if you have recently received bad news, spending time on a creative project can help you cope with your emotions in a positive, constructive way.

Brain Efficiency Development

Another key benefit of being creative is the development of your brain efficiency due to improved memorization skills. When you are writing or expressing yourself through a creative medium, you are actively using your brain and developing previously dormant skills. Learning how to play an instrument is one of the best ways to improve your brain efficiency and sharpen your memorization skills. Studies have shown individuals who learn how to play an instrument have improved the cognitive abilities in both sides of their brains.

For those with theatrical interests, play acting can have a similar effect on your brain as learning an instrument if you are not inclined to play music in your spare time. Play acting can help improve your cognitive function, as it encourages you to improve your problem-solving abilities. You must assess and react to a situation in the exact moment it occurs when you are play acting, which allows you to improve your ability to solve a problem on the spot. Additionally, play acting can help you improve your listening abilities and can help you memorize words more efficiently.

When you are learning how to play an instrument, or you are spending time play acting, you are exercising your brain in a way you might not be doing regularly in your everyday life. The more you exercise your brain, the easier it becomes to develop cognitive function. Improving your cognitive abilities in both sides of your brain can help you to stay sharp into your older years, reducing the chance of memory related illnesses, such as dementia.

Physical Health Benefits of Being Creative

Being creative can have a positive impact on your physical health as well as your mental health. Individuals who suffer from chronic pain issues or serious illnesses have exhibited stronger physical health function after engaging in creative activities, such as expressive writing. When you are expressing yourself through a creative medium, you are boosting your immune system, which can lead to improved physical health. Something as simple as listening to music can have this same effect on your body, as music stimulates the limbic system and helps you manage your stress stimuli more easily.

When you are suffering from stress or chronic pain, adopting a creative habit can help you reduce the symptoms of these issues almost immediately. Studies have shown individuals with physical health problems can expect to see improvements over the course of several weeks when devoting free time to a creative outlet. You can make time in your schedule where you take a few moments every day to sit by yourself and listen to music. You can purchase a journal and write down your frustrations when you are having a bad day at work. Regardless of the outlet you choose, expressing yourself creatively can help you vent anger.

Dancing is one of the best creative outlets for improving you physical health, as you are increasing your body’s mobility and motor functions with each lesson. You do not need to be a world-class dancer to enjoy a ballet class or a hip-hop dance lesson. You can seek out a dance studio offering beginners classes and see what style is most appealing to you. When you are learning how to dance, you are challenging your body in new ways and you are building muscle while you are accomplishing this task. Aerobic dance lessons can help you lower your blood pressure and improve your weight management skills. Additionally, you are less likely to be fatigued during the week if you are devoting time to an expressive, physical creative outlet such as dance because you are consistently elevating your heartbeat and completing a physical task in your free time.

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