Car accident settlements are a financial agreement between the accident victim(s) and the negligent person or their insurer. An insurer may offer settlements up front or they may be reached by negotiation. One of the most significant benefits of agreeing to a settlement is to avoid the case going to court, which can take a lengthy amount of time. 

Because of the nature of settlements and the many factors that are considered when calculating compensation, it’s difficult to determine the average settlement amount for injury cases and the average settlement for non-injury car accident cases.

Car Accident Settlements and Compensation

Car accident injury lawyers are a valuable asset when going into any negotiation for a settlement, as they can help you fight for the compensation amount you deserve and ensure you’re not being offered a bad deal. Additionally, a lawyer car accident settlement takes a lot off your plate, because your lawyer can manage your insurance claim and gather evidence for your claim on your behalf. 

Car accident compensation lawyers will take many factors into consideration when calculating damages and negotiating your claim, including: 

  • The accident details, including who’s at fault 
  • Your local and state laws 
  • Property damage estimates 
  • Medical expenses and estimated loss of wages 
  • General damages resulting from the accident, including reduced quality of life and emotional damage 

After you and your lawyer has a figure in mind, your car accident lawyer will negotiate with the insurer. Depending on the circumstances surrounding the accident, the above factors, and the insurer, negotiations can take time and may be back and forth until a settlement is reached. 

However, it’s important to know that you do not need to accept an offer that’s presented. If a proposed car accident settlement is less than you deserve, you and your lawyer can continue the negotiations. If an agreement cannot be reached, automobile injury lawyers can help you take your case to court. 

If court is the best option for your case, your car accident attorney will walk you through the next steps of your case and help you gather evidence, such as witness statements, insurance policies, medical statements, and so on.

Additionally, it’s worth knowing that settlement discussions with the insurer can continue after a court case is filed.

Sometimes, a legal case can persuade an insurer to offer better settlements to avoid going to court, as court costs can quickly add up. Read on to the next slide to learn how to find the best accident lawyers in your area!

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