5 Trending Skincare Routines & Products

5 Trending Skincare Routines & Products

Now that most of the work world has returned to post-pandemic normal, beauty routines have shifted drastically. Gone are the 10-step regimens everyone had time for during lockdown. Now consumers are looking for faster, more efficient ways to get ready in the morning, keep their skin healthy, and do so without polluting the environment, their health, or breaking the bank. Consumers are demanding clean beauty products and greater transparency by brands. These top five skincare trends and their products are worth noting because they tick all the boxes. 

1. Witch Hazel is Back In

You probably never thought about this ingredient, but witch hazel used to be put into all kinds of skincare products. As a toner, its ability to remove oils and prevent acne are legendary. However, it fell out of favor many years ago because even though it is plant-based, the dryness caused from its use was irritating to many. Now, however, after a little reformulating, witch hazel is back into vogue. Many clean beauty companies have added in natural humectants and moisturizers to counteract the drying component of witch hazel. This has made its popularity explode back onto the scene. In fact, new, hip boutique-beauty brand, Nabila K, features a combination of witch hazel with Aloe vera, Vitamins C & E, and Evening Primrose to their Aloe Surge Facial Mist.  All of these products are considered non-toxic and plant based.  Use this as you would a toner, or in the case of the Aloe Surge, as a quick pick-me-up when you are tired. 

2. Honey Will Be in Everything

Okay, honey has been in everything for a while now. However, it is not only going to remain, it is gaining ground. The reason is simple: it works. As a skincare must-have, honey, in particular Manuka honey, is worth every cent you spend. Numerous studies concluded that Manuka honey has the ability to balance the skin’s pH, revive dull skin, and is anti-inflammatory. Since almost all honey is antibacterial, using a honey-based cleanser, serum, or toner will leave less bacteria on your skin to infect pores or cause acne flare ups. The only catch here is that you must make sure the product you purchase actually used “pure” honey and not something synthetically manufactured. You lose all the efficacy of honey’s wonderful properties in these manufacturing processes. Look for Manuka Honey to be in products ranging from lotions, body butters, creams, serums, and body oils. 

Try these popular, and trending products: 

3. Clean, Non-Toxic, and Cruelty-free: STILL a Big Trend

On trend for skincare is still the demand for products that are sustainably and ethically sourced, as well as non-toxic to use. Gone are the days when consumers just blithely pulled products off the shelf and trusted that there was nothing in them to cause harm. Otherwise, they would not put them on the shelves, right? As consumers discovered over the last decade, this is far from the truth. Now, savvy beauty shoppers read the ingredient lists to see if there are hidden parabens, phthalates, if the ingredients are plant-based, and if the company has a good reputation.  

Part of the reason for this is the fact that consumers are not geo-centric any longer. Women in the U.S. often have internet friends from Europe, where stricter laws are in place for manufacturers. Shoppers educated themselves, and the U.S. cosmetics companies who used to be trusted brands found themselves scrambling. Clean makeup is a global phenomenon now, with experts projecting that the market will reach 22 billion in only another year.  Companies with a great track record of clean beauty products include: 

4. Mature Skin and its Care are Trending

“Hallelujah,” said all the women over 40 to this trend. Aging skin has its own very specific needs. However, aging in general has always been swept under the rug because getting old, well, is not sexy. Until now. Thanks to many women’s movements over the last decade, the open and frank discussions about once-taboo topics, such as menopause, have made aging beautifully a trend. Another reason this is trending is that many mega-stars have crossed the over 40 mark and have begun to invest their time in helping the beauty industry address the needs of aging skin. 

In the forefront of formulating clean beauty skincare products for the over 40 bunch is Naomi Watts’ company,  Stripes. In particular, her Dew As I Do daytime moisturizer is receiving rave reviews. Finally jumping on the bandwagon are better known brands, such as Vichy with their Neovadiol Meno 5 Serum (wrinkle fighting), and L’Occitane’s Imortelle Divine Crème

5. Embrace the Natural Look

Most skincare products focus on creating healthy skin that is able to receive various amounts of makeup and other products like a blank canvas. However, the newest trend is a natural look that minimizes the bold and brash makeup looks. Keeping it simple is a very popular trend for a reason: it IS simple. Using a lotion that has a bit of shimmer in it not only offers the moisturizing benefits but acts as a light base foundation. Add a little neutral or nude lip gloss, and you are done. The trend includes using facial oils, balms, and even the new hybrid beauty products that do double duty. One such product is the Nabila K Glow Getter Beauty Stix. Depending on your need, it is designed to act as an eyeshadow, blush, highlighter or even as a lip liner. Consumers love these hybrid makeup products because they save a lot of money. Try these other hybrid makeup products to not only save money but let your inner beauty show through: 

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