Now that you know what type of life insurance policy works best for you, the next step is to choose from a list of the best life insurance companies. These include:


Learn About Some of the Top Life Insurance Companies

USAA Life Insurance – USAA’s life insurance policies are among the top 10 rated by consumers for their excellent coverage and low costs. Also, the company offers perks for veterans and service members.

Metropolitan Life Insurance Company (MetLife) – MetLife is the largest life insurance company in the U.S. insuring over 100 million customers. The company has a wide range of policies that could work for you.

Prudential Life Insurance – Prudential offers a range of fixed and flexible life insurance policies to suit your particular needs. As of now, the company currently holds more than $4 trillion in life insurance.

New York Life Insurance – While New York Life Insurance offers insurance policies to all types of policy holders, it’s possibly the best option for those 50 and over. New York Life works closely with AARP to offer some of the most competitive life insurance policies.

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