The U.S. Government Is Giving Away $1000s Because of the Pandemic. How Much Could YOU Get?

On Friday March 27, President Trump signed into law the CARES Act. This law was made to give free money to the American people during the pandemic. CARES will give a total of $2 trillion to Americans across the country.

Around 90 PERCENT OF HOUSEHOLDS will get this government assistance. But there are requirements to get this free money from the government. They include making less than a certain amount of money. Find out who qualifies, when the money will arrive and more by reading below.


Do you qualify for $1000s in FREE STIMULUS CASH from the government?

About 90 percent of households in the U.S. will get free government assistance through the CARES Act. Will YOU get free government benefits?

There are a lot of different groups who qualify. You can get a free stimulus check if you are:

  • A single person who files taxes and makes less than $99,000.
  • A married couple who files taxes and makes less than $198,000.
  • A family with a head of household who files taxes and makes less than $136,500.
  • A Social Security beneficiary (you don’t have to file taxes).

There are some people who will not get a stimulus check from the government. These include:

  • People who didn’t make enough money to file taxes.
  • Dependents on their family’s tax returns (their parents will get the money).
  • Students in college who are dependents.
  • Teens who are 18 or older who are dependents.
  • People who are behind on child support payments.

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