Before you choose a service, consider the following guidelines to help you find the most affordable cable and internet packages.

How to Find the Best Cable and Internet Bundle for You

Research and compare packages: It is important to compare offers in order to find the best TV and internet bundle for you. However, do not just go with the cheapest internet and cable bundle you see!

In addition to the advertised rate, some otherwise cheap cable and internet providers may have hidden costs. When you compare cable and internet packages, be sure to look out for both special perks and fees. And if you do not want to be committed to the service, make sure you consider a no-contract cable and internet plan. Otherwise, you may have to pay a cancellation fee if you switch services or cancel.

Look for bundle perks and bonuses: Some affordable cable and internet providers may offer perks, including:

  • Free installation.
  • Unlimited internet data.
  • No fees for equipment.
  • Gift cards.

Watch for extra fees: Some common fees for internet and cable bundles may include:

  • Equipment leasing or rental fees.
  • Installation fee.
  • Activation fee
  • Fees for going over the internet data cap
  • HD fees.

Don’t pay for more than you need: When selecting a cable and internet package, figure out what internet speed and cable channels you need. Faster internet and more channels will usually mean paying more. And having a bunch of channels does not mean you will watch all of them. For internet speed, the FCC recommends 6Mbps – 15 Mbps for the average user.

Want a phone landline too? Another common type of bundle is TV, internet and phone bundles. If you need all three services, you might as well bundle to get them at a discounted price.

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