8 Dating Sites to Try in 2023

8 Dating Sites to Try in 2023

One of the most beautiful things about online dating is just how many options there are. Are you looking for that forever romance or just a quick fling while you visit a new area? There is probably an app for that. 

Looking for a specific type of partner or looking to cast a wide net? There is indeed an app for every preference. 

Along with those apps are varying services, like video chats for dating in a post-Covid era to keep those first meetings as safe as possible. Regardless of your preferences, you  can make use of dating apps in 2023.

With so many options, how can you tell the trustworthy dating sites from the frauds? You can use this quick guide to be better prepared to find a site to fit your style.


For anyone looking for love, Match.com is one of the oldest sites out there for online dating. Match has been operating as an online dating service for 28 years and was established in 1995. People have gravitated to Match for decades due to their smooth and user-friendly virtual connection. 

The dating profile Match lets you create offers you the opportunity to create an information-rich profile, which can increase the odds of catching someone’s attention. Because the profiles have so much to offer, most of the dating pool consists of actual people, not just fake photos. 

A recently added feature to Match called the “Vibe Check” allows for those matches in a conversation to seamlessly switch over to a video chat if both parties agree.  All these features lead to Match.com being one of the biggest, oldest, and most trustworthy dating sites on the market.


Are you a gamer and looking for your player 2? Then look no further than Kippo, a dating site designed specifically for gamers. It was founded in 2019 by an ex-Wall Street trader who turned his algorithm for predicting stock success into an algorithm for finding suitable matches for dates. 

The profiles on Kippo are some of the most customizable you can find. They allow for you to personalize your page with all your gamer interests to show off your personality. Another great feature is that the premium content is not extremely expensive to sign up for and unlocks premium features. Kippo also boasts a shared social space where matches can play games together and get to know each other in a hobby they both share. 


Tinder has been one of the number one go-to dating sites for the under 30 crew for years. The simple yet addictive interface pioneered the way for nearly all dating apps and sites to follow. 

The interface allows users to swipe left or right on profiles they find. Left (not interested) and right (interested). If two people swipe right on each other they match up and can start a conversation. 

However, if they should become bored with just texting, Tinder has another feature by the name of “Face and Face” which is video calling. Tinder is known for casual dating and flings but many people have found long term relationships through Tinder. 


Looking for a dating site geared more for female priority? Then Bumble might be the one for you. Bumble is a dating app that is designed to allow women to make the first move by blocking communication from men unless the women make first contact. 

Many women use this site as they can feel comforted in knowing they won’t receive any unsolicited attention. Bumble allows many additional contact features in addition to text, like audio notes, video chat, and profile badges. 


Hinge is a sleek and beautiful site that boasts some of the most encompassing profiles of any dating site or app. Each profile is deep and elaborate that shows what each person is like through their interests. The profiles also allow for multiple ways of engaging with someone with the same interests as well.  

Once you find a match or someone you want to get to know better, you can make video calls using their “Dating from Home” option. If you have issues coming up with conversation topics, Hinge has audio recordings you record that answer icebreaker questions provided by Hinge. Hinge is classic with a taste of modern thrown in that is very creative to engage with.


One of the biggest things about dating is finding someone with your interests. With Clover, it takes the brunt of the work out of that by organizing potential matches in social communities based on interests. 

Clover is full of  neat features like date calendars to make scheduling dates easier with partners, and you can even arrange a video chat. Some members even choose to broadcast themselves over an entire community in hopes of “casting a wide net”. This is a dating app geared for those who are seeking a place of community in the dating arena. And, it is free!


One of the most intriguing things about dating apps and sites is just how much you get to learn about a potential partner even before exchanging words. Okcupid is a site that has an in-depth questionnaire when setting up a profile that allows you to offer up as much, or as little, information as you feel comfortable sharing.

These questions range from fun to serious. All of this is in hopes of finding that perfect match by pairing up people who have similar answers to these questions. Many people who fill it out state that they feel a little empowered filling it out, as you are able to put your best foot forward from the start. 


Eharmony is one of the oldest dating sites to exist online. As such, it was also one of the last to add in a same-sex option.  But that has not stopped them from keeping up with the newer sites. 

Eharmony, on top of the usual messaging options, now boasts videocalls. Eharmony also has a very in-depth questionnaire that is fed to an algorithm that matches you based on how similar your answers are to another person. 

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