How to Make Money With Your Car

In the sharing economy, more and more people are making money just by having a car. When you earn money with your car, you can set your own schedule and be your own boss. Here are a few of the most popular programs to help you start making money today.

Uber is a well-known ridesharing app. As a driver, you’ll earn money through standard fare, surge bonuses during busy times, taking on extra passengers, tips and more.

Uber offers a helpful Driver app that gives you alerts about busy areas and helps you track your earnings. Uber now also offers Uber Pro, a rewards system for drivers that even includes full tuition coverage for online courses at Arizona State University (ASU) for those who qualify.

If you don’t have a car, you can still drive: Uber has teamed up with car rental companies to offer drivers low rental rates for insured vehicles.

Lyft is another well-known ridesharing app with many of the same perks as Uber. Like Uber, Lyft has a convenient driver app to help you make the most of your job. You’ll earn money through base fare, cost per mile fees, cost per minute fees and tips. Lyft also offers bonuses during busier times when a lot of people need rides.

Need money immediately? Lyft’s Express Pay option deposits your earnings in your bank account almost instantly.

Don’t have a car? Lyft’s Express Drive program lets you rent an affordable vehicle that you can drive. You’ll be required to make a certain amount of rides each week, but you can also use your rental when not driving for Lyft.

Advertise With Your Car is a great option if you want to earn money with your car without having to put in any time actually working.

There are a number of companies that let you advertise with your car, including Carvertise, StickerRide and Wrapify.

Here’s how it typically works: You’ll let the car advertising company know when and where you normally drive. Based on your driving habits, they’ll match you with a company looking to get some exposure for an ad campaign. Next, you’ll get your car wrapped in an ad decal for an advertising campaign. Then, you get paid!

Instacart: If you want to make money with your car but you prefer shopping over driving passengers, Instacart is for you. It works kind of like Uber and Lyft: You’ll use an app that notifies you when customers need your help, and you’re free to make your own hours and work as much or as little as possible.

When you accept an order, you’ll visit a grocery store, find everything the customer needs and deliver the order to the customer.

Postmates works like Instacart, but it’s not limited to groceries: You can also pick up orders from restaurants and almost any other place you can think of. If you’re looking to get some exercise or if your car is in the shop, Postmates lets you use your bike to pick up and deliver orders.

Rent Out My Car: Have a car you don’t use much and want to make some passive income? Consider renting out your car. Companies like Turo and HyreCar let you rent your car out to people who need to use it whenever you don’t need it. According to Turo, you can make an average of $706 per month using its service, while HyreCar claims you can make $12,000 per year using its service.